About us

CRiMM (Research Centre for Mobility Modelling) affiliated with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cagliari, was established in 1996  as a joint initiative between  researchers in transportation and land planning,  The Centre’s mission is to promote and strengthen research on transportation and mobility, with a strong focus on economic, social and environmental sustainability and on the integration of economic development,  sustainable land use and transport supply and demand. In-depth research comprises advanced passenger and freight transport demand forecasting and simulation techniques, analyses of travel behaviour, of the propensity to use sustainable  travel modes, of actual and perceived safety, of the man-machine interaction using simulation laboratories, of the role of information systems and decision support tools in the integrated economic transport-land-use-environment system.

CRiMM’s  primary objective is to further knowledge and improve control of the phenomena involved in transport supply and demand in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the problems involved, to remove the causes of those problems and to identify actions and interventions for the functional design of transportation and mobility systems.

Our Centre has acted as consultant to the Autonomous Government of Sardinia for the regional master transportation plan.  It also  promotes research projects and studies at the national and international level collaborating with public authorities, private organizations and research centres, creating new training opportunities for young researchers and professionals.

The Director of CRiMM is Prof. Italo Meloni, Professor of Transportation Planning at the University of Cagliari

Administrative offices

Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Aziendali - C.I.R.E.M.
Via Sant'Ignazio n. 17, 09123 Cagliari
Tel. +39 070 675 3332  Fax. +39 070 675 3321
e-mail: segreteriasea@unica.it

Research centres

Laboratory for regional analysis and transport and mobility modelling
Via San Giorgio 12, 09124 Cagliari
Tel. +39 070 675 6401 - 070 675 6405
e-mail: cirem@unica.it

Laboratory for physical and virtual engineering models
c/o Cittadella Universitaria, Parte Nord-Est, Str. Prov. per Sestu, km 1, 09042 Monserrato (CA)
Tel. +39 070 675 3204 Fax. +39 070 675 3209
e-mail: fancello@unica.it