Hybrid choice model to analyze electric car sharing demand in a university community

Eleonora Sottile; Stefano Carrese; Ernesto Cipriani; Tommaso Giacchetti; Leonardo Zamberlan
MT-ITS 2019 - 6th International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Sharing Mobility is characterized by a high digital component able to supply customers with a considerable level of flexibility in urban trips. The study was conducted focusing on the E-go car sharing project, promoted by University of Roma Tre and Enel Energia S.p.A. E-go is an university electric car sharing system. The paper provides a double contribution to the research activity on sharing mobility: i) the exploration of the electric car sharing potential demand among students; ii) the implementation of an Hybrid Choice Model to analyze the role of the pro-environmental attitude on the users' willingness to use car sharing. The analysis has been based on the data collected in a survey among the potential users of the e-go car sharing service. One of the first findings of the study is that the pro-environmental attitude doesn't significantly influence the choice of the users. The authors suggest to the car sharing operators and to the policy makers to take in consideration the results of the study in order to plan promotional strategies and to develop policies aiming at supporting the spread of this service.