Individual Persuasive Eco-travel Technology, a mobile persuasive application for implementing voluntary travel behaviour change programmes

Italo Meloni; Benedetta Sanjust di Teulada
IET Intelligent Transport Systems 10(4), pp. 237-243

This study presents a voluntary travel behaviour change (VTBC) programme that involves the use of a technology platform. The platform has been developed both for enhancing the efficacy of the implementation and for highlighting the contribution that technology itself can provide in persuasion strategies. It can be applied in the VTBC implementation for encouraging individuals to reduce car use, mitigating global greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the proposed platform is designed to automate phases and activities of a VTBC programme, with a view to extending it to the large scale, reducing the resource commitment. Indeed, technology could contribute to facilitating the operational and functional aspects, through the implementation of automated VTBC programmes, broadening their applicability while maintaining effectiveness. Furthermore, technology can be persuasive in changing behaviour.